Posted on Nov 14, 2019

musician for hire

hi again, i perform on some of the biggest show in Jamaica, including sting, sting is own and operated by some cops,these cops that keep sting, kill most of  the Jamaican gangsters, i and these cops from sting have a very good relationship, sting audience is a very big audience, and is a audience that is very hard to please, but i always please them,some of the biggest hip hop and rock musician perform on sting every year i always perform on sting, because the promoters said i always did well on the show, but i always perform on sting for free,because i and the promoter of the show are good friend's, these cops also keep other Hugh shows that i always perform on for free, i don't have to pay airfare or hotel fee, its just a couple miles of driving in a car,anyway you can contact one of the cops from sting, if you want to book me through them,all you have to do is Google,Denham town police station, and ask for caple the promoter,that keep the big shows, but you can also contact me directly if you want, just click the phone below to contact me instantly,and remember,i am a solo musician, a stand alone,peace
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